Sunday, December 6, 2009

Commitment Issues

Maik Jablonski, who blogs about db4o, correctly commented that the first version of the ZK - db4o code had no commits().  I have updated the code to do so.

One part is very easy : IOODB adds a method,

     public void commit();

and the two implementations, Db4oDB and NeoDatisDB implement that with calls to commit.

A little bit more work is needed in GenericController.

After the three calls that modify the database (add, update and delete), we add a check.  Here is add:

public void onClick$add() {      
  if (current != null) {
    current = (T) Objects.clone(current);
    if (shouldCommit(current))

I then added a new method, shouldCommit().  For now, it just returns true.  In a "real" app, this might vary.  You could keep a thread-safe counter and commit every N, you could keep a timer and commit based on that.  You could commit after certain "important" classes, e.g. stored in a HashSet

protected boolean shouldCommit(T current) {
  return (important.contains(current.getClass());

You could have a separate thread working with a timer to trigger commits, in which case shouldCommit() would just return false.

In a "really real" app, there'd be a CommitmentStrategy, a CommitmentFactory, and some Spring framework to inject some commitment into the relationship.  :-)

I will upload the new files.

BTW, I'm using Alex Gorbatchev's syntax highlighter.  Thanks Alex!

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